Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Info for First-Time Racers

We've received a lot of questions from first-time cyclocross racers, so we'd like to provide some information for those interested in making HPCX their first race.

You can register online at Bikereg. Bikereg makes registration easy and saves you time on race day. Pre-registering also saves you money as there is a $10 late fee for day of registration

Register for HPCX at Bikereg

Generally, those new to the sport should start out in either the Category 4 Men's race (if male) or the Category 3/4 Women's race (if female). Racers under 19 may race in the Supafan.com U19 categories.

Racing Licenses
In order to race, you must have either a USCF or NORBA license. If you do not have an annual license, one day licenses will be available for purchase on race day. The cost is $10.

Any off-road worthy bike is suitable for cyclocross. A mountain bike is fine, but you must remove your bar ends. Both geared and single speed bicycles work well for cyclocross.

More Info
Cyclingnews.com has a very fine Cyclocross FAQ

also has a wonderful series of articles on the ins and outs of cyclocross

As always, if there are more questions, just shoot us an e-mail!

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Steve said...

If I reg for 2 races do I get a break on one? How much?